Could you ever have guessed that the most ordinary enema is actually a very mysterious, mystical, cultic and even... sexy? Of course, when the tip of this venerable device is inserted into your rectum, you don't even think about such things - a person is blown with water, and then he rushes to the toilet with an arrow, because, as it was said in ancient times, water will definitely find a hole!

An enema is certainly one of the most suitable medical procedures for erotic games.

First of all, it is simple enough, does not require special skills, complicated equipment and special sterility. If the most simple and obvious rules are followed, the enema is absolutely harmless and safe.

Secondly, a cleaning enema can serve as a prelude and even a preparation for anal intercourse. It will allow your partner to "practice" relaxing the muscles of the anal sphincter and get used to the presence of a foreign object in the rectum "sparing" in comparison with the other penis. An enema before anal intercourse will relieve you and your partner from fears about the contents of the rectum and large intestine, and will guarantee the avoidance of rare, but very unpleasant embarrassments on this basis.

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