In porn, fetish is a kind of perverted expression of sex. The actor experiences the strongest sexual arousal from some accessory, garment, or intimacy of a sexual partner. Particularly in demand among viewers is foot fetish porn, where horny sodomites jerk off with women's feet. They jerk their dicks or poke their fingers in her cunt, and the most cumming ones shove their heels up her ass so that they can lick them with pleasure afterwards. This also includes porn in stockings, where nylon products are used for more than just wearing. They serve as an additional means of stimulating an orgasmic surge during fucking. Items of clothing cause a rush of lust, which is why uniform porn is considered not only role-playing, but also a deviation of fetishism. Incendiary firemen, hot cops, sexy doctors, unyielding security guards fuck relentless chicks in the line of duty. The most brutal elements include latex, which fits into the body like a second skin and shines in bright light. The polished surface of such garments looks stunning on half-naked metresses.

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